Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park is the embodiment of the long-time friendship between Japan and the people of Philadelphia. This beautiful and comprehensive documentary explores the traditional-style Japanese house and nationally ranked garden. Frank Chance, Professor of East Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania; Morgan Beard, Tea Ceremony Instructor; and Kim Andrews, Shofuso Executive Director explain Shofuso's features, history, and how it reflects the culture and philosophy of Japan. Features a lyrical music score featuring traditional Japanese instruments like koto, shamisen, and shakuhachi.

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Vajra Cymaticon

Inspired by cognitive psychology experiments of the mid-twentieth century, secret government mind-control programs, and the Hindu concepts of Maya (illusion) and the Shakuna Vimana (UFOs), "Vajra Cymaticon" explores in an offbeat spirit the forces of psychological control and self-delusion in an aesthetic that highlights the illusory nature of cinema and the logic of dreams.  
DVD includes three experimental films: "Vajra Cymaticon" 2013, "Li: The Patterns of Nature" 2007, "Form and Void" 1996. 
"Campbell's films explore themes of human perception and eastern mysticism in an abstract and visionary style. He challenges the viewer to evaluate their own complicity in the reality we construct for ourselves" -Devan Scherz, Kinema Auteur Magazine

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Winky: A Feral Cat and Film for Cats

The story of Winky, a feral cat, illustrates the problem of over population of cats. A cat rescue organization &  veterinarian explain how the process of trap-neuter-return or "TNR" is an effective technique to humanely reduce the population of homeless cats and improve the lives of stray and feral felines. DVD also includes a second short film, "Film for Cats," which is designed specifically to entertain cats with images and sounds that cats find intriguing.

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The Man Who Loved Trees

Peter Schlotterer loved nature, especially trees. A quiet, polite man- he worked diligently for many years to preserve the rural character of his community- even assuming great financial risks to preserve the landscape he loved. Peter's story as told by his friends and associates illustrates what a single individual can achieve when motivated by compassion and respect for nature and their community. This 30-minute documentary originally broadcast on MiND TV's series, Philadelphia Stories, chronicles the efforts of a grassroots conservationist with compassion, humor and hauntingly beautiful cinematography by filmmaker John N. Campbell.

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Hidden World: Tibetan Sand Mandala


A group of Tibetan Buddhist Monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery in South India builds a Sand Mandala- a type of ritual artwork- at a Dreamcatcher workshop in Skippack, Pennsylvania in this 30-minute documentary.  They explain the purpose of the sand mandala's construction and ritual dismantling.  The intricate details of this beautiful piece of visual art's construction are shown over the course of several days, concluding with the dismantling puja- a ceremony in which the mandala is destroyed and its sand scattered in a local body of water to disperse the blessings of the Medicine Buddha.  Background of Tibetan culture, and the environmental and human rights impact of the Chinese government's invasion of Tibet are explained in an interview with Geshe Lharampa Lobzang Samdup. 

DVD also features a short 5-minute documentary titled "Zen Pond" revealing the microscopic life forms living in a pond with evocative Koto music performed by Masayo Ishigure.

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Hidden World: Cymatics

“Hidden World: Cymatics” presents the work of acclaimed German photographer Alexander Lauterwasser. Lauterwasser’s experiments in the field of Cymatics utilize resonant sound frequencies to produce compelling symmetrical images in ordinary materials such as sand and water. This 5-minute mini-documentary is the only English language film currently documenting the Cymatic imaging techniques developed by Alexander Lauterwasser. A brief history of Cymatic research is presented starting with the sound-figure experiments of Ernst Chladni in the 18th century and continuing with the research of Hans Jenny in the 1960s. Alexander is shown continuing the research that Chladni and Jenny began with his custom-built equipment that enables him to produce beautiful geometric patterns in substances ranging from sand to water.The connection of sound to organic patterns in nature and the philosophical implications are also addressed.

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Li: The Patterns of Nature and other films by John N. Campbell

"John's dedication to the filmmaking craft, his lust for experimentation and innovation, his boundless visual imagination, puts the viewer in touch with a pulsing, earthy environment that is at once familiar, but also alien"   - John Graves, composer


A collection of short experimental films.  DVD includes 7 films.

"Li: The Patterns of Nature" Employs time-lapse, microscopy, animation and cymatic imagery to explore the Chinese concept of "Li"- organic patterning, and the underlying inherent order of the physical world as revealed in its natural patterns and rhythms.

"Form and Void" An abstract experimental animation composed of thousands of rapidly strobing inkblot patterns- a trance film.

"Rites of Passage" A poetic examination of spiritual death and rebirth.

"Kirlian Experiment No. 3" Employs Kirlian or electromagnetic discharge photography, named for the Russian Parapsychology researchers who popularized its use.

"Hidden World" Explores the macro and microscopic life in and around a pond.

"Dance of the Phosphenes" Inspired by the neuro-optical phenomenon known as phosphenes- those luminous patterns that we see when our eyes are closed- this silent animated film journeys through universes large and small in just 90 seconds.

Special Feature: "The Making of "Li" with director's commentary. The unusual cinematic techniques that were used in "Li: The Patterns of Nature" are explained by the director who won the Best Cinematography Award at the 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival.

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