Bob Krist Photography 

I have had the pleasure of working with John Campbell on over a dozen projects in the last couple of years and find him to be a superb and responsive editor with a tremendous talent for visual storytelling.  His work on our projects, for clients like National Geographic Expeditions, Reader's Digest, Starquest Expeditions, and others, has always been imaginative and in tune with the clients' needs and delivered on time and on budget.  His work as a cameraman is equally skillful. I know that his movie, "Li: The Patterns of Nature" has won awards for cinematography in film festivals, and his other work is regularly seen on MindTV here in the Philadelphia area. I can heartily recommend John for any video production projects you may have in mind.

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

John Campbell created an amazingly beautiful and comprehensive documentary about our historic Japanese house and garden.  He visited our site innumerable times to capture seasonal changes in the garden, and coordinated many participants, including site experts, Japanese tea ceremony practitioners, and musical performers, who were interviewed or filmed on-site.  Our structure is very delicate and preservation is our primary concern for any use.  John made it a point to learn how to gently use the site within our preservation guidelines.  Shofuso has a long history, and John was tireless in his research to ensure accurate information and a lyrical soundtrack.  It was a pleasure to work with him in every capacity.  I highly recommend him as a director, producer, cinematographer and editor. -Kim Andrews, Shofuso Executive Director

Brenda Berry Photography

I have just had the great pleasure of working with John Campbell for the first time. I came to him to help shape the story of the "Only What We Could Carry" project. Frankly, working with John is what allowed the project to evolve from being a series of video clips and turned it into a heart-felt story. John is a consummate professional; skilled, creative, organized, on time, and on budget. What you don't know - and I expect is more rare, is that he is a careful listener and gifted story teller.  John was extremely patient and stuck with me until we had a product I am very proud of. If this is your first project or your 50th, I can not recommend him highly enough.

America Senegal Surgical Initiative-Surgeons Teaching Surgeons

The way I recently described to a colleague what John Campbell has twice done for me is by stating that "He reviews a mountain of footage, selects out the gems and then strings them into an elegant video necklace". His work is efficient, professional and incredibly sensitive to the topic at hand. -Albert Ruenes MD., founder of ASSISTS.

Penny Price Media

I had a positive and memorable experience working with John Campbell as the editor on my documentary for PBS, "The Healing Field - Exploring Energy & Consciousness."  He is a brilliant editor, with great skill for finding and selecting visual imagery, pays great attention to detail, and is able to handle large projects. In addition, he is able to shoot additional footage as needed.   He also skillfully overcame various challenging issues from some of the raw footage.  


John Campbell has been involved with MiND: Media Independence for more than 4 years. He came to know MiND as a volunteer filmmaker.  John participated by creating a great set of programs about a local glass blowing studio. He has since grown as a filmmaker and participated in the MiND TV series Philadelphia Stories. Creating documentaries of interest to the local community is something John Campbell does very well. He has grown to be a good story teller and well organized media producer.

John Graves, at Command Post

I have worked with John Campbell on several of his films and I have found him easy to work with yet meticulous, conscientious, and focused in achieving stunning imagery.  His background in photography has seen a near-perfect marriage of science and art.  John has the kind of creative instinct and granular knowledge of cinematography that may be an asset to your production.

John W. Lea, Director of Land Preservation, MCLT

John Campbell conceived, developed, shot, edited, and produced a video that documented the story of a land conservation project in which Montgomery County Lands Trust was involved.  Working with John was a pleasure.  He was very professional as he developed the storyline and later, as he shot the interviews to be contained in the video.  He accomodated my schedule and was always very courteous and appreciative. Upon completion, the video was aired on cable TV with outstanding results.  Although the story was not centered on me or my organization, I was very pleasantly surprised by the number of people who contacted me to ask more questions about the project and land conservation in general.  From Montgomery County Lands Trust's perspective, the video story revealed the human side of the land conservation work that we do.  John did a great job at capturing the spirit of the landowner and portraying this spirit to the viewers.

Linda Weber, Founder, Stray Cat Blues

Near the end of 2010, John contacted our group about doing a short documentary about feral cats and cat overpopulation. The documentary John produced was extremely informative and timely.  John has the ability to tell a story and be informative at the same time.  The documentary he produced has helped to inform the public about the plight of homeless cats and the problem of cat overpopulation and provided tools to enable the viewer to take positive action.

Kathilynn Phillips, President, Kat Scratch Films

In 2008, my company hired John to assist in doing the picture edit of a feature film.  John did an excellent job, working diligently, timely and with solid editing skills.  We would not hesitate to hire him again.