Li: The Patterns of Nature exhibited at Symposium in Rome

December 6th 2010
Li: The Patterns of Nature presented at the symposium on Art and Science at Roma Trei University in Rome, Italy on December 8-11th 2010.

At the 16th International Conference of Film Studies symposium on Cinema & Energy, John N. Campbell's film, "Li: The Patterns of Nature" will be exhibited as part of "Hidden Worlds," a screening focusing on the interface between art and science. The conference is being held at the historic, recently restored Teatro Palladium in Rome.
Marco Mancuso, curator of the screening, describes "Li: The Patterns of Nature" as "...Campbell's masterpiece that most evidences the geometric structures spontaneously present in Nature..."
Mancuso is the founder of Digicult, an Italian cultural and editorial online portal, created with the aim to spread digital art and culture worldwide. Digicult focuses on the impact of new technologies and modern sciences on art, design, culture and contemporary society. Digicult Magazine

"Li: The Patterns of Nature" is the winner of the Eastman Kodak Best Cinematography Award at the 2008 Ann Arbor Film Festival
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