PBS Documentary

September 16, 2016

John N. Campbell has completed the editing of a new documentary produced by Penny Price Media about alternative wellness techniques.  These techniques include Qigong, an ancient Chinese practice that has shown remarkable effectiveness at controlling conditions such as diabetes; and Mental Imagery, a technique useful in changing self-destructive behaviors such as substance abuse.  Experts in these wellness techniques, researchers and acclaimed authors in the field that are interviewed in the documentary include, Bruce Lipton, Gerald Epstein, Candace Pert, Lynne McTaggart, Beverly Rubik, Gary Renza, Ron Lavin, and Ken Cohen.
In addition to the 1-Hour Program edited for PBS, Echo Media has provided editing services for an expanded 82-minute version of the documentary to be released on DVD.
John N. Campbell also shot additional B-Roll for the project and licensed footage for use in the documentary to the producer, including special Kirlian photography footage using a technique called electrical discharge cinematography.
To see a preview of "The Healing Field" click here.